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Laws of the Game & Other Guidance

IFAB Laws of the game 2022-2023 - CLICK HERE 

2022-2023 Changes to the IFAB LOTG - CLICK HERE 

Most recent 2019 Build-out Line - CLICK HERE 

Referee Assessments & Upgrades

The AYSO Area 1G Referee staff is committed to supporting the development of our referees so that all players are provided with well-trained and experienced officials. Below are links to each of the documents for observation, assessment and upgrade. Please click on the one you need. Each of the documents have extensive information regarding the process.  

  • Area G Intermediate Referee Observation Policy and Procedure - CLICK HERE
  • Area G Advanced Referee Assessment Request, Policy and Procedure - CLICK HERE
  • Area G National Referee Assessment Request, Policy and Procedures - CLICK HERE 

  If you need assistance or have any questions please contact Joe Bernier, Area Director of Referee Assessments at [email protected] 

AYSO Section 1 National Referee Assessment and Certification Policy and Procedures

In order to maintain consistency at the highest levels of officiating within Area 1G, the policies and procedures below define requirements for all Section 1 upgrades to the National Referee level as well as for upgrade to National Referee Assessor.  Current policies as well as the current list of National Assessors in Section 1 may be found through the links below:




Region specific referee information is available on the Regions' websites, which can be reached from the HOME page.

The Section 1 Website also contains significant resources for referees.  Click the Section One Icon.

Check for training courses

Player Development Initiatives

New Player Development Initiatives
2018 AYSO Player Development Initiative

2018 AYSO Player Development Initiative Covers the referee implementation of 10U and 12U PDI in Section 1

6U-8U Below
1.       No TI - replaced with kick in or dribble in (TI are optional only 8U divisions but determined by Regions)

          a.       Opponents must be at least 2yds away until ball is kicked
1.       No GK punts                                      
          RESTART: IFK, if inside the goal area, ball is moved to goal area line parallel to goal line
2.       No deliberate heading                  
          RESTART: IFK, if inside the goal area, ball is moved to goal area line parallel to goal line
3.       Build Out Line – Goal Keeper Possession
          a.       Goal keeper can release on either side of BOL line
          b.     Opponents move behind BOL when Goal Keeper has possession
          c.       Opponents may cross BOL once the ball is released from Goal Keeper hands
          d.       If opponents cross BOL before Goal Keeper releases ball and interferes with play
          RESTART: IFK on BOL line where infraction occurred.
4.       Build Out Line – On a GK
          a.       Opponents must move behind BOL
          b.       Opponents may cross BOL when ball is in play per Law 16 (ball exits penalty area)             
          RESTART: Referee stops play; asks opponents to retreat, then Goal Kick is retaken.
          c.       Ball may be kicked to any point on the field
1.       No deliberate heading
          RESTART: IFK, if inside the goal area, ball is moved to goal area line parallel to goal line
2.       GK Punting is ALLOWED now

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